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Average wind speed is the average taken over a 5 minute period with a 1 second sampling interval (300 samples).
Gust is the maximum 5 second averaged wind speed (60 samples) taken over the 5 minute sampling period.
Wind Direction is the direction from which the wind is blowing in degrees True

Apparent Temperature adjusts the air temperature for the effects of wind (wind chill) or the effects of humidity (heat index) as follows:
  • Wind Chill is calculated from the 2001 formula provided by the National Weather Service (DETAILS) and is only computed when the air temperature is below 65 degF and the wind > 3 mph.
  • Heat Index is also calculated using a NWS formula (DETAILS) and is only determined when the air temperature exceeds 75 degF and humidity > 40%.

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Mudnite Madness

mudnite100x100Music, fireworks, Gumball machines and a 60 plus mile dash through the night is the way Mudheads celebrate the July 4th Holiday this summer with the 7th Annual Mudnite Madness Overnight.


The Donzo

donzo 100x100The Donzo Wednesday Night Race Series is scheduled for 16 races. 8 for the Spring and 8 for the Summer.


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